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Glessner House Museum engages diverse audiences in exploring urban life and design through the preservation and interpretation of the architecture of Henry Hobson Richardson and the historic home of John and Frances Glessner.

Glessner House Museum works to increase public awareness, understanding and appreciation for the history and architecture of Chicago as represented in the lives and home of the John J. Glessner family and the surrounding Prairie Avenue Historic District.


A National Historic Landmark, Glessner House was designed by noted American architect Henry Hobson Richardson and completed in 1887. It remains an internationally-known architectural treasure in Chicago. A radical departure from traditional Victorian architecture, the structure served as an inspiration to the young Frank Lloyd Wright and helped redefine domestic architecture.


Glessner House Museum offers guided tours, lectures, and other special programs to interpret the themes of art, architecture, and social history which are inherent in Glessner House, the museum's collections, and the stories of its residents and neighbors during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.


As one of the country's premier sites for the study and enjoyment of decorative arts, Glessner House Museum offers both the casual visitor and the serious connoisseur a unique opportunity to partake in the pleasures of the Aesthetic and English Arts and Crafts movements. The museum's conservation of the Glessners' remarkable collection of objects provides today's collector with a living workshop from which to take guidance.


Glessner House Museum helps illuminate the present by bringing the past to life with a wealth of subjects to study, present, dramatize, and celebrate—from the glamour of the Gilded Age, to the vast changes that transformed the Prairie Avenue neighborhood in the first decades of the 20th century. Lectures, programs and events attract diverse audiences for education and entertainment.

Board of Directors


      Rolf Achilles,


      David Bea,


      Charles Hasbrouck,


      Elliott Otis,



      Deb Carey
      Mary Glerum
      Barbara Gordon

      Nina Botting Herbst
      Rev. James M. Moody, Sr.

      Maurice Parrish
      Barry Sears

      Mary Woolever


Cami Burgess,

      The National Society

      of The Colonial Dames

      of America in

      the State of Illinois
Rosemary Garrett,
       Prairie District
      Neighborhood Alliance

Bonnie McDonald,

      Landmarks Illinois
Matthew Nielson,
     City of Chicago Department

     of Cultural Affairs and

     Special Events
Karen Oliver,

     Glessner House Museum

     Docent Council
Pauline Saliga,
     Society of Architectural
John Waters,
    Glessner House Museum
    House & Collections


William Tyre,

      Executive Director
      and Curator

Nanci Gasiel,

     Assistant to the Director

Rebecca Young LaBarre,

      Assistant Curator

Gwendolyn Carrion,

      Museum Coordinator

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Glessner House is located in the South Loop, on historic Praire Avenue.

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Frances and John Glessner

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