Internships provide educational outreach to university students who come to Glessner House to learn about the architecture, art, and social history of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, as well as the many aspects of museum administration. Staff works closely with the students to determine internship objectives and to set project priorities. Many Glessner House interns are fulfilling a degree requirement and will receive course credit; several of our interns have come to Glessner House to experience working in the museum field before making an academic or professional commitment.

Glessner House has so many resources that we are able to take students from a wide variety of fields: historic preservation, decorative arts, museum studies, history and more. We provide interns with knowledge and training they can take with them into their careers, placing each student into a working environment where each becomes part of the Glessner House team. Here we are able to take that one step further and combine the theory with hands-on professional training and real work experience.

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