The John J. “Jack” Simmerling Gallery of Prairie Avenue History

NOTE: The Simmerling Gallery will be closed until Spring 2019 as we undertake renovations to the gallery space.

The John J. ‘Jack’ Simmerling Gallery of Prairie Avenue History is located in Glessner House and features the Prairie Avenue artwork and artifacts of Jack Simmerling.  This temporary gallery, which holds a small selection of Simmerlings's vast collection, tells the story of Prairie Avenue's years as Chicago’s most prestigious residential street in the late 19th century, its transformation and decline in the 20th century, and how Jack Simmerling preserved this important history through the salvaging of architectural artifacts and the creation of numerous works of art.

One-hour tours led by William Tyre, Executive Director and Curator.  

Minimum fourteen (14) days advance notice requested.

$10 per person, minimum of four (4) people.  

Send us an inquiry or call (312) 326-1480 to schedule your tour today!

Donate to the Simmerling Gallery

Glessner House is currently fundraising to expand the Simmerling Gallery by building out a permanent location over our coach house. Please consider a donation to this important project to share Jack's legacy and the history of Prairie Avenue with generations to come.