Like house museums? Then you'll love At Home in Chicago!

Glessner House is a proud member of At Home in Chicago, a group of historic house museums that have banded together to tell Chicago’s stories in a new way.

At Home in Chicago is a diverse family of more than twenty former residences spanning nearly 180 years of the region’s history. Each house museum, with its distinctive architecture and collections, is a living artifact of the fascinating lives of people who shaped, or were shaped by, the city. Large or small, famous or idiosyncratic, each has a unique and essential story to tell.

Bringing them together for the first time, At Home in Chicago makes planning your visit easy. But this is also a journey of discovery, and a chance to explore the unexpected common threads—cultural, historical, architectural—that knit us together.

Discover what we share in common, search for us on a regional mapbrowse the museums, and more!