When you inform us of your planned gift intentions, we will make you a member of our Ouroboros Society. A striking architectural feature of Glessner House, the ouroboros is a symbol of infinity and thus exemplifies your support of the House into the future. As some of our most significant champions, the members of this Society will be invited to attend an exclusive event every year in recognition of their commitment to the House.

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There are a variety of ways that you can remember Glessner House in your will or estate plan.  Please consult with your attorney or financial advisor concerning these options. 

A Legacy in Your Will

Gifts through your will can help reduce your estate taxes while ensuring that Glessner House and its mission will always continue.

Making Glessner House a Beneficiary

You can arrange for Glessner House to benefit from several types of financial products you may have, including your retirement plans, life insurance policies, and charitable remainder trusts.


Many people who choose to leave a gift to charity in their will support causes that are already  important to them. There are advantages to making a gift to Glessner House in this way— including financial benefits. If you are interested in helping secure the mission of Glessner House through a charitable gift, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your wishes. 

DID YOU KNOW:  Almost 75% of Americans make gifts to charities during their lifetime, yet fewer than 10% include a bequest or other estate gift in their plans. The main reason given for not making a bequest is that they had never been asked!

You too can support Glessner House in your will or estate plan.

To discuss how your gift can best benefit the House please contact: 
Francesca Peppiatt
Development Manager
312-326-1480 ext. 16


Former board member and current donor Joan Goldsteinhas made a commitment to the future of Glessner House: “I have given this beloved old house many years of my time and treasure. It is only fitting that I help ensure the future of the house and sustain the support I’ve provided it long after I’m gone by including Glessner House in my estate plans. It was a simple thing to do, and I’m proud to have done it.”